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stamp derma roller
stamp derma roller
Wrinkle Remover
Derma Rolling System
Needle length:
0.25mm / 0.5mm/ 1mm/1.5mm/2mm
Handle material:
Needle material:
Titanium alloy
Moisturizer, Skin Rejuvenation, Whitening, Wrinkle Remover, Blood Vessels Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Remover, Whitening
Derma Rolling System
For Commercial & Home Use
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10000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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stamp derma roller
stamp derma roller
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2019 sqy derma roller skin care machine derma roller kit

 Technical Parameters  


Product name

stamp derma roller

Needle material

Titanium alloy


stamp derma roller



Handle material


Needle length

0.25mm / 0.5mm/ 1mm/1.5mm/2mm


Scar Removal/ Wrinkle Remover/Whitening


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Product description    



stamp derma roller.jpg 

stamp derma roller.jpg



1. Wrinkle, whitening, freckle It is recommended to use 0.25mm---0.5mm long microneedles.
2. It is recommended to use 1mm--1.5mm long micro-needle to remove stretch marks (orange peel, slimming lines).
3. The hair growth treatment is recommended to use 1.5mm--2.0mm long microneedles.
4. Red bloodshot, eye is recommended to use 0.2-mm-0.3mm long microneedle.
5. rosacea, acne pit, scar repair is recommended to use 1mm--1.5mm

stamp derma roller.jpg

stamp derma roller.jpg


How to use:

1. The microneedle roller needle is completely sterilized in 75% alcohol for 20 minutes, and it is ready for use (75% of all major pharmacies are sold).
2. Wash your face with facial cleanser in the usual way, then rinse off.
3. While dripping the effect type liquid or lyophilized powder (dissolving the lyophilized powder and the mother cell solvent first) while rolling on the face with the micro-needle meter type. The operation time is 3-5 minutes. The first time using the micro-needle pro We should not be too strong, use force naturally, and adjust ourselves after being proficient.
4. After rolling the needle, add a water mask, no need to rinse the hydrating mask, no need to use other skin care products.
5. The next morning, you can take skin care according to daily care.


stamp derma roller.jpg

stamp derma roller.jpg





1. Q: Will micro-needle beauty be very painful? How long does it take effect?

A: The microneedle is only gently rolled on the skin epidermis and is completely acceptable! During the operation, the skin should be adapted from light to heavy, and slowly and slowly increase the number and intensity of rolling. How much strength you can bear can be controlled. Microneedle beauty therapy is to achieve the effect of improving skin ailments by activating autologous cells. The metabolic cycle of a skin is more than 28 days, 10 times for a course of treatment! The entity's 10 years of feedback can see the effect every time it is done, and the effect will get better and better.


2. Q: Is it safe to use microneedle beauty therapy? Are there any side effects?

A: The micro-needle has a professional entity operating instructions to use! We are doing micro-needle for 10 years, as long as the micro-needle disinfection work is strictly done, and the repair product is used after the treatment.


3. Q: Will the skin bleed after micro-needle therapy? Will it affect working life?
A: Microneedle selection to 1.0 is not bleeding. Just a little reddish, I have to choose 1.5 and 2.0 needles to go out with small bloodshots. Most people will basically disappear after applying the freeze-dried powder mask. A small number of people will not be red at all after a few hours, and will not affect them. To normal work and life. Microneedle therapy is called midday beauty.


4. Q: Must micro-needle therapy be used with lyophilized powder and mask?
A: Yes, micro-needle therapy is to stimulate the skin epidermis, open the skin passage, and let the nutrients better absorb the bottom cells of the skin. Therefore, with high-grade repair freeze-dried powder, it can be aseptic and no preservative. The lyophilized powder, stock solution and professional repair mask can be used together to achieve the repair effect.


5. Q: Will micro-needle beauty rebound?
A: Microneedle beauty is a repair cell that does not rebound. The combination of micro-needle beauty is the cell growth factor that repairs the skin. It is the self-contained component of our skin cells. This ingredient only gradually decreases with age, the cell ages, and the skin begins to age. Microneedle beauty is the use of microneedles to make hundreds of thousands of micro-pipes in a short period of time, so that the active ingredients of the lyophilized powder penetrate into the skin, helping to improve all skin ailments. There will be no rebounds.


6. Q: My pores are thick. Can the micro-needle help me improve?
A: Yes, the problem of this pore can be used to shrink pores of lyophilized powder and shrink pores plus microneedle therapy. Do 1-2 courses to achieve the desired effect.


7. Q: I have red blood on my face. How many times do you do micro-needle with freeze-dried powder?
A: Micro-needle therapy is to bring nutrients into the basal layer of the skin through microchannels, stimulate skin cell regeneration, thicken the epidermis, increase the elasticity of capillaries, and repair the lyophilized powder with 1-2 skin repair cycles. Most customers will have Very satisfied. 2 times a week.


8. Q: I have a acne acne pit on my face. Has it been possible to use microneedles for 5 years? Or just use lyophilized powder?
A: The most effective way to improve the problem of acne acne pits is to freeze-dried powder with micro-needle beauty, but it is slower to use lyophilized powder alone. The formation of acne pits is relatively long, the acne pit printed skin is hardened, and the absorption product can not reach the dermis layer. It is recommended to use micro-needle beauty plus lyophilized powder and enamel printing products to repair acne acne scars. The effect will come even more. Faster and better, there are tens of thousands of successful cases in the beauty center. The general effect requires 2-3 skin care cycles, twice a week.


9. Q: The skin is black and yellow, and there are stains. The effect of using a lot of whitening products is not ideal. Can you improve with micro needles?
A: The skin is dark yellow and the stain is mainly due to the poor ability of the skin to metabolize melanin. Micro-needle therapy can increase the metabolism of skin cells by opening the surface channel of the skin, and the water is nutritious. Under the action of growth factors, it can increase the number of new cells. Proportion, reduce the old cells, so as to achieve the effect of whitening class.


10. Q: On my face, there are young wrinkles in my eyes, and the skin is a little slack. Will micro-needle beauty have an effect?
A: Generally, the anti-wrinkle skin care products are applied to a small extent, which is only about 20%. For example, micro-needle beauty can be increased to 80%-90%. The use of micro-needle beauty plus wrinkle products, lyophilized powder and wrinkle stocks, activates the production of protein, elastic fibers, connective tissue and cell glue. In a course of treatment, the young wrinkles will disappear, and the deep wrinkles of the two treatments will become smaller and smaller. The micro-needle and freeze-dried powder can be used for a long time to repair the skin and have anti-wrinkle and wrinkle-reducing effects.




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